Kandy Woodfield

On December 3-4th 2015 over a hundred social science lecturers and teachers came together to share their experiences of teaching and learning in the social sciences in HE. The theme for our 2015 conference was how can we inspire, support and share excellent practice in social science teaching and learning. Each of the conference streams focused on aspects of our pedagogical practice which support engaged learning and student success:

  • Innovate: Exploring innovative practice in social science teaching and learning.
  • Assessment: How can we meet the assessment & feedback challenges in social science?
  • Achievement: How can we support student retention and attainment in the social sciences?
  • Embedding employability: How can we embed employability and prepare students for their transition into the world of work or postgraduate study through our teaching and learning strategies?
  • Developing our practice: How do we drive our own practice forwards, what are effective strategies for continuing professional development?

In order to make sure the great practice shared at the conference reaches as wide an audience as possible we decided to create a book of blogs from the presenters where they talk more about the issues they presented at the conference. You can also find the full set of conference papers and resources here.

Kandy Woodfield, Head of Social Sciences

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