ANC Antenatal care
CR Client registry
CSD Care Services Discovery
DRG Diagnosis-related group
eClaims Electronic claims
eHealth Electronic health
EHR Electronic health record
EMR Electronic medical record
EPI Expanded Programme for Immunization
ERP Enterprise resource planning
FFS Fee for service
GSHIS Government Sponsored Health Insurance Scheme
HIE Health Information Exchange
HL7 Health Level Seven
HNSF National Standards Framework for Health
HWR Health Worker Registry
ICD International classification of diseases
ICP Integrated care pathways
ICT Information and communication technology
IHE Integrating the Health Enterprise
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IT Information technology
ITU International Telecommunication Union
JLN Joint Learning Network
L&D Labor and delivery
mHealth Mobile health
MNCH Maternal, newborn, and child health
MOH Ministry of health
NeSF National eHealth Standards Framework
NHIS National health insurance scheme
PHI Personal health information
PPP Preferred primary provider
SDO Standards development organizations
SHR Shared health record


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