Book Title: Open History of Psychology: The Lives and Contributions of Marginalized Psychology Pioneers

Authors: Alison E. Kelly and Brittany N. Avila

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Book Description: This is an open educational resource (OER) co-created by students in undergraduate History and Systems of Psychology courses. Each chapter focuses on the life and contributions of a marginalized pioneering psychologist. [Image Attribution: Penn State Special Collection,, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0,]

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Book Description

Understanding the history of a discipline requires looking at prominent figures and events that contributed to the growth of the discipline. Yet historical accounts are prone to including what those writing the accounts believe is most important to know. Within the discipline of psychology, women and people of color are noticeably absent from historical accounts, particularly those in traditional textbooks (Cramblet Alvarez et al., 2020).

This collection of chapters features the lives and contributions of pioneering women and psychologists of color–including their general biographies, important achievements, the historical context surrounding their work, and the historical impact their work has left on the field of psychology.

Each chapter was written by students in sections of History and Systems of Psychology courses at the University of North Dakota and the University of Nevada Reno, under the direction of their course instructors, Dr. Alison Kelly (UND) and Dr. Brittany Avila (UNR). Students worked in teams through multiple drafts of their chapters throughout the semester and were able to choose to publish their work as part of this compilation.


Alison E. Kelly and Brittany N. Avila




Open History of Psychology: The Lives and Contributions of Marginalized Psychology Pioneers
Alison E. Kelly and Brittany N. Avila
Alison E. Kelly and Brittany N. Avila
Abby Ellenberger; Abigail Colledge; Alaina Rivera; Alexa Deaderick; Alyssa Gaber; Angelo Martinez; Anna Lambertz; Anthony Gomez; Audrey Engstrom; Brianna Rafferty; Bridgette Garcia; Caitlin Lazaro; Cal Fishel-Stephenson; Camile Franke; Cassidy Still; Catherine Dong; Catrina Aglubat; Citlally Medrano; Clair Chiaratti; Claire Bailly; Claire Coutts; Corinne Masegian; Crystal L. Smith; Desiree Partida; Edgar Rangel; Elizabeth Madera; Emma Gabbert; Emma Knightly; Erin Runningen; Ethan Ostrea; Gailyn McEvoy; Grace Falconer; Grant Anton; Haley Hase; Hannah Kroll; Ian Ozolins; Ilani Oliveira; Isaac Lynch; Jaxon Erie; Jazmin Rios Rodriguez; Jeremiah Talley; Jesus Diaz-Adame; Kaelen Clayton; Kaitlyn Amorelli; Kalena Stewart; Kat Harris; Kathryn Clements; Kendra Murrey; Laquitta Pearson; Lilian Rivera; Lindsey Biggs; Lindsey Reighley; Mackenzie Peebles; Makenna Hawthorne; Makenzie Campbell; Marie Madison Denayer; Marjourie Peralta; Matthew Hayes; Melanie Hanly; Michael Bartell; Michael Dorn; Michelle Morrison; Michelle Mudriyan; Myah Shaikh; Natalie Manjooran; Natalie McFarren; Natasha Borden; Nicholas Gayer; Nicole Stearns; Paige Schaefer; Priscella Trottier; Rachel Tyler; Reese Johnsen; Rian Hussey; Samantha Joseph; Samantha Selcer; Sarah Ann Ness; Shaun Mabanta; Shelby Fien; Sixtine Piccard; Tyler Rapke; Vanessa Navarrete; Anonymous Contributors; Brooke Elde; Sarah Hammond; Alessandro Kroger; and Andriana Cota
Primary Subject
University of North Dakota, University of Nevada, Reno
Publication Date
June 19, 2023