128 Dark Ecology’s Presence at Earth Jam

Kamal Singhani

Earth Jam is an event that Plymouth State University holds every year to celebrate Earth Day. This year, the event was on April 21st, not even on Earth Day. At this event, there is a stage for music performances, vendors, food & drink, games, and many more activities. The event is supposed to bring awareness to the Earth and evoke solidarity among people to take care of the Earth, but who is this really for?

This event certainly isn’t for the Earth, because if people really cared about taking care of the planet, it wouldn’t be on one day out of three hundred and sixty five days. “Earth Day should be everyday” isn’t just a trendy caption for people’s once a year Instagram posts. If people want to take care of the Earth, they should take the actions to do that year round.

Now I’m not saying this from a judge-y place. I admit that I’m no saint; I’ve accepted that I could probably treat the environment better. My roommates and I used to recycle but that became too tedious for us so we stopped. I take long showers in scorching hot water. I’ve had the AC on while my windows are open. But I’m aware of how my actions are unfair. I’m sitting in my filth. I’m not claiming to be someone who gives back to the Earth. So why are others pretending? Sure, you’re not being fair to the Earth. But it’s equally not fair to pretend to be a treehugger for a day while the rest of the days you’re still a plastic using, water wasting, polluting phony. I think at this age, college students should be aware of the real impacts of taking care of our planet.

I noticed at Earth Jam, the use of loud speakers and many electronic supplies for the performers on stage. There were people blowing bubbles, people unknowingly dropping trash on the ground, be it a spilled food or drink or actual trash, etc. The event was really an excuse to get college students out socializing while they got drunk and dressed up for darty season.

In order to start helping the Earth, one must understand the dark things that they are exposing to the planet. Dark ecology is simply just living with that awareness of the harmful things that we are exposing to our worlds. But by pretending that we are really making a difference, even if it is once in a year, isn’t helping anyone. It’s taking us nowhere. Why does Earth Day even exist? Who is it there for? The Earth or the people?


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