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The Student Theorist: An Open Handbook of Collective College Theory

Editor: Dr. Abby Goode


2018 Contributing Authors:

Caitlin Andreasen, Amelia Berube, John J. Bush III, Jordan Cady, Kyle Cipollone, Rowan Finnegan Cummings, Lindsey DeRoche, Kelsey Davis, Ethan Dorval, Ryan French, Toni Gallant, Randy Garfield, Cassandra Gray, Anna Greenwood, Malcolm Holmes, Brittany John, Zoë Kay, Samantha Latos, Shayla Locke, Edward Lossman, Mason Masotta, Carmen Maura, Timothy Mooneyhan, Peter Ntourntourekas, Nicholas A. Prescott, MR, Paige Schoppmann, Bradley Rucker, Geneva Sambor, Kamal Singhani, Andrea Wasgatt, Katherine Whitcomb

2019 Contributing Authors:

Merak Alosa, Joshua Bartsch, Jessica Bowman, Taylor Brothers, Jessica Chretien, Meghan Curran, Jared Gendron, Brett Hanson, Shannon Haley, Molly Ingram, Becca Kelly, Tucker McIlwrath, Kristina Mehegan, Willow Moulton, Becky Norton, Dalton Puffer, Meredith Ryan, Lillian Savage, James Sonia, Justin Siewierski, Autumn Stearns, Jen Stellato, Marissa Vargas, Brianna Romiglio

2020 Contributing Authors:

Becca Ciolino, Joelle Del Signore, Alyssa Desautelle, Hannah Fitzgerald, John Galusha, Ashley Leblanc, Emily LeBlanc, Michael Locatelli, Delaney MacDonald, Jenna MacKinnon, Kaitlyn Mader, Isabella MacDonald, James McGhee, Gabriel McSherry, Asia Merrill, Danielle Murphy, Taylor Nute, Griffin Nyhan, E. Rose Paulin, Sydney P., Brooklyn Trombley, Caitlyn Ustaszewski, Maria Wimpey

2021 Contributing Authors:

Grace Avery, Brianna Bailey, Avery Bouthiette, Thomas Cox, Joshua Gammel, Luke Harding, Miranda Kaplan, Patrick Lillicotch, Melissa Murphy, Makensie Roderick, Steven Ruggiero, John Shebell, Justine Walsh

2022 Contributing Authors:

Imani Barnhill, Jessica Caputo, Lilyana Cloutier, Logan Connelly, Erik Dow, Jessica Esdale, Autumn Farrow, Colton Gaudette, Edward Glancy, Tess MacMahon, Liliane Nyamuhoza, Shelby Owen

This book-in-progress has been (and is being) almost entirely created by undergraduate students and recent alums.  Have an addition or correction or something to add? Email it to Abby at

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