Common Procedures

4×8 – extraction of 4 third molars (wisdom teeth)

Extraction – removal of teeth


  • First stage (initial placement): single, multiple, all-on four (full arch)
  • Second stage (typically 3-4 months post placement): assess for osseointegration, ISQ test, uncover


  • soft tissue
  • alveolar ridge maintenance post-extraction
  • block bone grafts from donor sites
  • sinus lift with bone graft

Biopsy – examination of abnormal oral structures

Incise and Drain (I & D) – clinical lancing

Debridement – removal of damaged tissue or foreign object from a wound

Frenectomy – removal of tissue that prevents the normal position of teeth or tongue

Exposures – surgical uncovering of a tooth in preparation for orthodontic treatment

Luxate – surgical dislocation or displacement of a tooth from the alveolus to assist in eruption

Orthognathic Surgery – corrects conditions of the jaw related to structure, growth, malocclusion or trauma

Clinical Procedures Specific to RN’s

– IV’s accompanied by directed levels of sedation

– Assessing and dressing a dry socket (alveolar osteitis)

– Suture removal

– Extra oral dressing placement


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