Alveolar bone – forms the sockets for the teeth

Anterior – the front portion of the oral cavity

Deciduous teeth – primary or baby teeth

Dentition – natural teeth in position in the dental arches

Frenum – A fold of mucosa that attaches a moveable structure to a stationary structure e.g. the maxillary labial frenum attaches the lip to the gingiva

Gingiva – mucous membrane tissue that surrounds the teeth

Mandibular – pertaining to the lower jaw

Maxillary – pertaining to the upper arch

Midline – the vertical plane that divides the oral cavity into right and left halves

Mucosa – tissue that lines the oral cavity

Occlusion – the relationship between the maxillary and mandibular teeth as they approach each other

Periodontal Ligament – connective tissue arranged in groups of fibres, which are attached to the cementum, then to the alveolar bone

Periodontium – tissue that surrounds and supports the teeth: includes the gingiva, mucosa, cementum, periodontal ligament, and the alveolar bone

Posterior – the back portion of the oral cavity

Quadrant – one-fourth of the mouth: half of the maxilla or mandible (upper or lower, right or left)

– part projecting above the jaw line
– consists of an outer layer (enamel) and an inner layer (dentin)
– part below the jawline
– consists of an outer layer (cementum)
Pulp Cavity
– central portion of the tooth
– contains blood vessels and nerves

– the surface closest to the face (labial:  towards the lips, and buccal: towards the cheeks)
–  the surface closest to the tongue (the lingual surface of the maxillary teeth may also be called palatal: towards the palate).
– the chewing surface of anterior teeth
– the chewing surface of posterior teeth
– the surface towards the midline
– the surface away from the midline


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