Premium Support

Purchasing the Premium Support add-on provides you with access to an easy-to-use support portal where you can create support tickets and receive personalized, written responses from our Premium Support team. You will be able to file new tickets and ask additional follow-up questions for as long as your subscription is current.

You can subscribe to Premium Support from the Upgrade page in the left sidebar menu of a book’s Dashboard. In order to file tickets, click the Help button in the bottom-left corner of the Dashboard:

Help widget button

While subscribed to Premium Support, you’ll see an additional Contact us button within the Help widget:

Contact us button

This leads to this form:

'Contact us' form for submitting tickets

Please include your email address and book URL when filing a support ticket.

What Premium Support includes:

We provide expert support for all aspects of creating and publishing books using Pressbooks. This includes things like: 

  • Using the Pressbooks cloning tool and importing content from supported file formats
  • Creating front/back matter, parts, and chapters, and structuring and organizing your book content
  • Adding and formatting book content, including headings, body text, footnotes, glossary terms, tables, images, audio, embedded media, and more. 
  • Adding and displaying relevant metadata (information) about your book and its contributors
  • Customizing the appearance of your book with book themes and theme options
  • Producing and sharing attractive, well-formatted export files for your book
  • Adding and administering users
  • Using any of the premium features included as part of your book subscription plan (with exceptions noted below)

Our support team strives to respond to all support tickets within 2 business days, usually with personalized advice, written or visual examples, and links to relevant documentation. 

In some cases, our Premium Support team may not be able to help you find an acceptable solution for your request, either because that feature does not yet exist, or there’s a bug in the software. Where no suitable solution exists, they will assist you in creating a feature request or filing a bug report and will provide you with updates if and when the feature is added or a bug fix is released. Feature requests and bug reports received through Premium Support are given additional priority by our product manager.

What Premium Support does not include:

Our Premium Support team will make a reasonable effort to reply to any of your relevant questions. There are some topics for which we cannot guarantee detailed assistance, even for purchasers of this premium add-on. For example,

  • We do not provide in-depth support for Custom CSS. 
  • We do not provide detailed technical support for third-party plugins and integrations, like H5P and Hypothesis.
  • We do not provide assistance in submitting your book to third party ebook distribution or print on demand services like Kindle Direct Publishing or Lulu.