CICan is committed to advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ensuring Canada is able to reach its 2030 Agenda targets. By signing the SDG Accord and becoming an endorsing partner, CICan and its member work to inspire, celebrate and advance the critical role that education has in delivering the SDGs and the value it brings to governments, business and wider society.

The Accord is a commitment learning institutions are making to one another to do more to deliver on the SDGs, to annually report on each signatory’s progress, and to do so in ways which share the learning with each other both nationally and internationally.

SDG Accord - the university and college sector collective response to the global goals

College Ahuntsic adopts a new institutional greening policy

SDGs: 4 – 12 – 13 – 17

Functional Category: Governance

College Ahuntsic is adopting a new institutional greening policy in order to institutionalize environmental action as much as possible.


Contact information: François Delwaide, Environmental and Social Economy Advisor, francois.delwaide@collegeahuntsic.qc.ca

Selkirk College becomes the first CICan Member to sign the SDG Accord

“Taking the lead on joining an ambitious worldwide effort from a rural community college might seem like a very small step, but it amplifies what is required from post-secondary education to increase collaboration, act with intention and make a difference,” says Selkirk College President Angus Graeme, whose name is signed on the SDG Accord. “More and more, students are expecting this from us and we need to support them. The college’s current strategic plan is aligned with many of these goals, so it feels right to formally join and commit to this effort. The college will continue building on what we are doing well and collectively figure out ways to do better in areas that need work.”

Since signing, interdepartmental relationships have been strengthened since the SDGs help us see how different areas of the College are interconnected. Selkirk’s fundamental commitments are focused on creating a more fair and just world, and similar to the 17 Global Goals, cannot be achieved in isolation from each other. By increasing awareness of and support for the SDGs across the College, we hope that our progress towards delivering the goals will be accelerated.

Read Selkirk’s full Press Release

Sheridan College becomes the first Ontario post-secondary institution to sign the SDG Accord

“By signing the SDG Accord, Sheridan is aligning its strategies and operations based on the lens provided by the SDGs. We are demonstrating our commitment to play a pivotal role in building a more sustainable world and equitable future for all through innovation, education and principled leadership,” said Dr. Janet Morrison, Sheridan’s President and Vice Chancellor. “Through initiatives across Sheridan – including curriculum and research, operations and governance and external leadership – we will work to make significant contributions to the SDGs across the linked social, economic and environmental goals.”

Read Sheridan’s full Press Release

Nova Scotia Community College continues its commitment to the SDGs by signing the SDG Accord

In January 2021 Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) became one of the first in Canada to sign the SDG Accord.  Signing the SDG Accord highlights the College’s continued commitment to being a leader in sustainability. For over a decade, NSCC has published an annual sustainability report that tracks the progress we have made in reducing our energy and water consumption, as well as reducing our waste generation and greenhouse gas emissions. In 2020, the annual report was expanded and aligned with the SDGs to make clear connections between NSCC’s existing goals in academics, operations, engagement, and administration with global goals for sustainable development. Since signing the Accord, NSCC has established an SDG Steering Committee comprised of various departmental leaders.  This group will drive the College’s commitments to the SDG Accord and will inspire our workforce and students to achieve real, meaningful change towards attaining the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.



Confederation College is the second postsecondary institution in Ontario to sign the SDG Accord

“The commitment we are making represents an important next step in advancing our longstanding College-wide sustainability effort, and furthers our work to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive experience for all members of our College community. The implementation of the SDG Accord responsibilities supports our Strategic Plan and will inform our next Sustainability Plan, currently under development.”

Building on past successes, the Sustainable Development Goals will enable Confederation College to look beyond the more traditional environmental sustainability focus, to arrive at a holistic and global approach. The SDG strategies range from responsible consumption, innovation and infrastructure, clean water and clean energy, to quality education, reduced poverty and inequalities, good health and well-being, economic growth and more.

Read Confederation College’s full Press Release

Lethbridge and Olds College have signed on to the SDG Accord, becoming the first two colleges in Alberta to commit to it.

“Both Lethbridge College and Olds College care deeply about creating real-world solutions for our province’s agriculture industry and leading the way into a sustainable future,” says Dr. Paula Burns, Lethbridge College President and CEO. “By clearing the path for our applied research activities to easily collaborate and share information, producers and others in the agriculture industry will benefit, which boosts our province’s economy. And we are making our partnership even more powerful by signing the SDGs accord and showing commitment to being leaders in sustainability.

“Olds College and Lethbridge College have a history of addressing the key issues and opportunities of Alberta’s agriculture sector, including through our growing applied research programs,” says Stuart Cullum, President, Olds College. “Our impact is significantly enhanced through collaboration and information sharing and this MOU formalizes our intent to work more closely in support of Alberta’s agriculture industry and our province’s economic recovery. By signing the SDG Accord, we also are embracing the leadership that the agriculture sector demonstrates and our roles in enhancing it for the benefit of our industry, our institutions and our students.”

Read Lethbridge College’s & Olds College full Press Release


Cégep du Vieux Montréal is the first francophone Cégep to sign the SDG Accord

This agreement calls on CVM to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals into its teaching, research projects, governance, and engagement activities. In doing so, the CVM recognizes its central and transformational role in facilitating the achievement of the SDGs by 2030.

Read CVM’s full press release (in French only)


Saskatchewan Polytechnic adds voice to shared sustainable development commitment in signing SDG Accord

Sask Polytech president and CEO, Dr. Larry Rosia, who signed the accord on behalf of the institution, says, “Saskatchewan Polytechnic is honoured to add our voice to this important agreement. Increasingly, the work we advance as part of our institutional strategy, Leading the Rise, supports the goals outlined by the United Nations. In signing the SDG Accord, we formally recognize the important role Saskatchewan Polytechnic can play in furthering these objectives as an educational leader.”

Read Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s full press release 

Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles signs the SDG Accord

“For the past few years, we have been aligning our actions to further greening the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles. By signing the SDO Agreement, the Cégep is reiterating its commitment and its desire to stand out and take more action in sustainable development,” says Yolaine Arseneau. The Director General of the Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles also sits on the advisory committee of presidents and directors general on sustainable development of CICan.

Read Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles full press release (in french only)

Humber takes sustainability to a new level with the signing of the SDG Accord

Cégep Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu signs the SDG Accord

Georgian College is officially joining the global movement of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by signing the SDG Accord for educational institutions.

“As an institution committed to social innovation and collaborative systems change, this is a natural and necessary effort for Georgian to be involved in,” says Dr. West-Moynes. “Georgian is Canada’s first and only Ashoka U Changemaker College, and we know we can contribute meaningfully to advancing the SDG goals, both locally and globally.”
Read Georgian College’s full press release

One step closer to a more sustainable Seneca

“Seneca is undertaking many new sustainability objectives that will interlink our social, environmental and economic goals that align with the SDGs,” said Don Forster, Office of Sustainability. “Signing the Accord provides us an opportunity to network with postsecondary leaders and community partners who share the common objective on integrating SDGs into our sustainable strategies.”

Read Seneca College’s full press release 

Cégep Édouard-Montpetit is committed to incorporating the 17 sustainable development goals into its operations


Read Cégep Édouard-Montpetit’s full press release (in French only)

Mohawk College signs the SDG Accord

Canadore College commits the the SDGs by signing the SDG Accord

Durham College signs the SDG Accord

Collège Montmorency signs the SDG Accord

Student Governance


Student Association of George Brown College signs its commitment to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The Student Association of George Brown College (SAGBC) has signed the SDG Accord, joining a global network of colleges, universities, and student unions in confirming its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Student Union has demonstrated its dedication to playing a crucial role in creating a more prosperous environment for all. SAGBC is the third Canadian student union and the first Canadian college student union to sign on to the SDG Accord. It is also the first member of the Canadian Federation of Students to sign the accord.

Having signed the SDG Accord, the SAGBC is now planning new strategies and initiatives which are guided by the SDGs. The SAGBC is also calling on George Brown College to join them in signing the SDG Accord and confirming its long-term strategy is guided by the principles set out by the SDGs.

Read George Brown Student Association’s full Press Release

Douglas College Student’s Union becomes the second CICan member Student Union to commit to the Goals publicly

The Douglas Students’ Union signed the SDG Accord in March 2021, becoming the second CICan member college Student Union to sign. The Student Union along with the Faculty Association are working together to promote and implement the SDGs on campus, with students and curriculum as well as calling on Douglas College to sign the SDG Accord affirming its united stance on the SDGs.

Douglas College Faculty Association sign SDG Accord and Declares a Climate Emergency

The DCFA, in acknowledgement of the existential crisis that the planet currently faces, with the risk it poses to communities locally and globally, humans and all organisms and ecosystems on earth, declared a climate emergency on 22nd February 2021. At this time, the DCFA also signed the SDG Accord, in the spirit of this declaration, and in acknowledgement of our crucial responsibility to our students and future generations.

Read Douglas College Faculty Association’s full Press Release

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