The Physical infrastructure category considers how the SDGs can be integrated into operations, facilities, cultural services, student housing, technology, and land stewardship at a college or institute.

NSCC has created a project fund related to the SDGs

Nova Scotia Community College – Nova Scotia

Project: SDG Project Fund

SDGs: All

Project duration: May 2021- Ongoing

Project budget: $15,000

Functional Category: Physical Infrastructure ; Student and Community

NSCC’s SDG Project Fund receives applications for diverse and meaningful projects that improve sustainability across our campuses. The SDG Project Fund was created to make small to moderate projects advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) possible. The Fund also seeks to create engagement, creativity, and ownership, turning sustainability opportunities into collaborative projects.

Stakeholders Involved: Staff members, faculty, students

Project Lead: Anna Jessop, Sustainable Development Coordinator, anna.jessop@nscc.ca

More info: SDG Newsletter


NSCC Uses the SDGs as a Cornerstone for Planning a New Campus

Nova Scotia Community College –
Nova Scotia

Project: NSCC’s New Sydney Campus.

SDGs: 4 – 8 – 10 – 11 – 13 – 16

Project duration: Design Started in late 2019 and the Campus is scheduled to open in September 2024.

Functional Category: Physical Infrastructure

The relocation of the NSCC Marconi Campus to the downtown Sydney waterfront is a transformative step in the revitalization of a community with a flagging economy and declining population – and a cornerstone of a community development renewal strategy for the region.  The SDGs were a focal point of the vision behind this project.  The intent is to embed local culture, storytelling, and imagery and the importance of the SDGs into the design framework so that the regional community can clearly see itself, and its future, in this place.  The design will also express a transformational “green” agenda in the building, its systems, and the landscape which explicitly and symbolically reflects and demonstrates a regeneration and renewal agenda in counterpoint to an industrial history and legacy of waste, pollution, contamination, and environmental damage. The new building will provide education around the 17 SDGs through signage and storytelling.

Stakeholders Involved: Institution staff, senior leaders/upper management, students, partners, local communities, private sector, others

Project Lead: Michael Chapman, Michael.chapman@nscc.ca

More info: Conceptual Renderings of the Campus design 


Dawson College Inventories all Curricular and Co-curricular Activities to the SDGs

Dawson College – Montreal, QC

Project: Dawson IT & Sustainability Office

SDGs: All

Project duration: Implementation in 2020 and then on-going

Functional Category: Physical Infrastructure

Dawson’s IT department and the Sustainability Office have partnered to create a data base of every course, activity, club or event at Dawson and how it links to any of the 17 SDGs. This data base can be mined by students and staff and will act as a guide to SDG presence within our institution. This database will be available to the entire Dawson community and shared with other institutions. Every academic, para-academic and extra-curricular activity at Dawson College will be listed with how they relate to any one or more of the SDGs

Stakeholders Involved: Staff members, students, partners

Project Lead: Chris Adam, Director, Sustainability Office, cadam@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

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