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Gastfreundschaft in Europa, das lernt man am besten bei solchen Treffen und besonders die Herzlichkeit, die Gäste zu begrüßen und zu verabschieden, gemeinsam zu feiern und auch gemeinsam zu lernen.

Später fragte Krstina für Ihre Dokumentation an, was uns am besten in Littauen gefallen hätte,

hier der Auszug aus facebook:

  • Uta Krope the birthday songs of every partnership country and also of the Polish guests for Ute and the fact that Anneli made a video of this as one part of Mobile 50+- and mobility

    8. November 2013 um 15:08 · Gefällt mir · 2

  • Christa Krüger Of course the celebration of my 69th birthday by 7 groups singing in 6 different languages was a very big moment. But the warm welcome you gave us at the airport was a big moment too. Which was bigger? I can’t decide! My husband liked this too, but he liked the trolley-buses also. They are so quiet and without stink (at least in the city, not in the energy-plant)
  • Oral Kaya I will also say the welcome in the airport was great. And the secont topic of the meeting, everyone tell us about their most popular apps and programmes in their tablets and mobiles. It was a great exchange
  • Uta Krope I remember also the Lithuanian food made by your colleagues and the dances…..
  • Barbara Leisner I remenber so many things I enjoyed, it’s difficult to tell which made the biggest impression: the city of Vilnius, the kind welcome on the airport, the restaurant with all those old farner tools and the great litvanian food there, the music and the dancing in the center


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