Formula Units
Displacement Work






Specific Work

    \[w=\frac{w}{m}(\text{work per unit mass})\]


Power (rate of work)



  • Velocity



  • Torque



Isobaric Process




(Polytropic Process ( n neq 1 ))

    \[PV^n = Const =P_1V_1^n=P_2V_2^n\]


  • Polytropic Exponent

    \[n=\frac{\ln (\frac{P_2}{P_1})}{\ln (\frac{V_1}{V_2})}\]

  • n=1


Polytropic Process Work

    \[W_{1-2}=\frac{(P_2V_2-P_1V_1)}{1-n}, n \neq 1\]


Isothermal Process



Adiabatic Process


Conduction Heat Transfer

    \[Q=-kA\frac{dT}{dx},k=\text{thermal conductivity}\]


Convection Heat Transfer

    \[Q=hA\Delta T, h=\text{heat transfer coefficient}\]


Radiation Heat Transfer

    \[Q=\epsilon \sigma A(T_s^4-T^4_{amb})\]


Q = heat
Q = heat transferred during the process between state 1 and state 2
Q = rate of heat transfer
W = work
W_{1-2} = work done during the change from state 1 to state 2
W = rate of work = power. 1w = 1 J/s
K = specific hear ratio
c_p= constant pressure
c_v = constant volume


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