30 Activity: Find Top Authorities for a Subject

Get together in small groups, and by both pooling group knowledge and doing research, develop a list of three authoritative books/websites for information on one of the following subjects:

  • Lead Poisoning in Homes
  • American Hate Groups
  • Weight Loss
  • Nuclear Policy
  • Philosophy of Stoicism
  • Civil War and Race
  • The Deficit and Deficit Spending

Your sources should be:

  • Written, edited, or curated by people with a high-level of subject expertise
  • Have a process in place that ensures accuracy and verification

Or, the sources should be:

  • Written and published by someone with a reputation for accuracy
  • Informed by a broad array of expert interviews and perspectives

When each group has finished their selection, trade your list of expert books/sites with another group and have that group critique the list.

Some questions for reflection:

  • Do the best sources show up at the top of Google search results?
  • If not, what does show up? Why do you think that result shows up instead?


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