ODR provides accessible furniture to students as an approved accommodation based on documented need. Accessible furniture has a required surface space, along with required height, and clearance around the accessible desk. This desk may or may not have a detached chair present. Each semester, ODR requests these accessible desks and chairs to be placed in classrooms based on a student’s schedule. In support of our faculty, ODR communicates via email about this placement prior to the start of the semester whenever possible, and ask that they ensure appropriate placement. We have found that the placement of furniture in a classroom can directly impact the engagement of a student and whether or not they are included in the day to day learning within that classroom. We ask faculty to contact ODR with any questions or concerns they may have about the accessible furniture placed in their classrooms.

Inclusive Placement of Accessible Furniture

  • Desk/chair placed in a location that allows for full participation in the learning environment.
  • Consideration of space around the desk to allow a student to enter and exit the desk in the least restrictive way, in support of those who utilize wheelchairs, adaptive equipment, service animals, etc.
  • When movement of the accessible furniture is required for your class lecture, please return items to their original location.

Example of an Accessible Chair

ADA Chair

Example of an Accessible Desk

ADA Desk with ODR Plaque.

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