Access For All is intended to increase understanding and awareness of accessibility and to provide individuals with usable information, skills/processes, and resources necessary to address accessibility in the classroom.

This resource was created to provide faculty with helpful information, as accessibility work is a responsibility shared among the entire campus. Currently, the majority of classroom accessibility at UMW is the responsibility of our faculty members. While the Office of Disability Resources (ODR) will continue to work with and support classroom accessibility, the nature of our office and the limited number of professional staff does not always allow us to address all needs in a timely manner. We hope faculty find this resource helpful and will continue to help ODR expand and grow the content.

Resource Objectives

  • Explore basic information on laws and regulations which mandate accessibility and accommodations at UMW.
  • Differentiate between accessibility and accommodation.
  • Present faculty and staff with information on creating and locating accessible course materials.
  • Provide faculty with up to date information about the accessibility of materials they may use, online platforms, and additional resources around accessibility.


Access for All Copyright © 2020 by dsmith24; Alison Grimes; and Danielle Smith. All Rights Reserved.

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