At every new inflection in communication technology, the marketing and advertising community brought their existing models with them in their first efforts to adapt to the new medium. Radio, television, Internet, Web, and Mobile have all seen this progression play out and VR and AR will likely follow that model too. Eventually there will be innovations around the ways an advertiser can bend the messaging, strategies and tactics of VR marketing to convey to target audiences a persuasive, emotionally compelling narrative resulting in some measurable level of brand affinity and purchasing outcome.

The new AR/VR ecosystem might not happen in all the ways foreseen but it definitely will happen in some of those ways. This next big thing in marketing is sure to render obsolete many existing marketing and advertising business models and replace them with new ones. It is reasonable to conclude that marketers must be ready to adopt this new ecosystem or see competitors gaining brand recognition and market share at their expense if they don’t do it first. Every forward thinking marketer must bring a healthy curiosity and willingness to experiment and adjust their content and marketing strategies to take best advantage of this energetic, wild and wonderful new ecosystem. Marketers, business owners and fundraisers and others challenged with creating persuasive digital marketing campaigns must embrace AR/VR and discover new ways to develop creative, engaging, effective and memorable messages.


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