Appendix A: Common Business Writing Genres

Sales Messages

Learning Objectives

  1. Discuss a basic sales message and know its purpose
  2. Outline the main parts of a sales message and key parts of making it a success

If you really want to capture your prospects attention, you need a sales message that piques their curiosity and gets them to sit up and take notice (National Underwriter Life & Health Breaking News, 2014)


  • Brief and to the point, less than 30 seconds
  • Ethos (credibility)
  • Pathos (passion and enthusiasm)
  • Logos (logic or reason)

Parts of an effective sales messages

  • Humor or attention getters
  • Persuade based on needs and wants
  • Express credibility and compare with competitors
  • Close the message and inform on how the audience can take the next step
  • Make yourself memorable and provide an easy to remember phone number

Strategies for Success

  • Highlight the most memorable asset
  • Don’t overwhelm with too many products or information
  • Use talking points specific to the industry audience
  • Use industry research
  • Get data from an objective impartial source


Ex. “Are you aware that 75 percent of people in your position say the root cause of a new product failing is a weak value proposition?” (National Underwriter Live & Health Breaking News, 2014)

Key Takeaway

Always be prepared for the unexpected as the next person to step on the elevator may be your next sales prospect.


Sales messages to get you noticed. (2014). National Underwriter Life & Health Breaking News,


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