Research Concepts

Sessions, 2 days

Over these two days, you support students to write and present their own PhD research concepts. Here, each student demonstrates that they will undertake a systematic inquiry: collect data, document critical information and analysis, and interpret that data in accordance with appropriate methodologies as set by the professional fields and academic disciplines relevant to their topic of interest.

Download the curriculum for these sessions.

By the end of the session, students can:

  • Describe components of a research concept.
  • Write a coherent PhD research concept.
  • Present their research concepts using PowerPoint.

Develop points and gather resources for a conversation about research concepts. Where possible, refer to work and ideas from this group of students.

Consult this and other relevant resources, and then share with students:

On the second day, students present their concepts to facilitators and peers for feedback.


Remind students about the elements of a research concept that they have covered up to this point:

  • Conducting a literature search, reading journal articles critically, managing citations.
  • Identifying the research gap, developing research questions, making appropriate methodological choices.
  • Deepening skills in academic writing and communication.
  • Planning to conduct ethically sound research in accordance with principles of scientific integrity, ethical guidelines, and Institutional Review Boards (IRB) requirements.

On the first day, support students build on all these elements in order to re-write their own research concepts and prepare PowerPoint slides. Then on the second day, each student presents their research concept using PowerPoint slides. The audience of facilitators and peers give constructive feedback.


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