Written documentation can describe the content and curriculum of training. But teaching, particularly using participatory methods, is an interactive process. With this in mind, these videos show the approach and selected activities in action. (Note that these videos are not in themselves teaching tools. Rather, they are to support teachers’ preparation and to guide their teaching.)

CARTA: An overview of the approach to teaching and learning

Academic Posters

Groups integrate and present evidence from mixed methods research

Field Visit

The how and why of public-health research

Grant Proposals

Simulating a response to a call for research funding

Journal Clubs

Roles and structures to make them effective

Marketplace of Ideas

Share and review content


Learning across fields of study

Multiple Perspectives

Collective, indepth thinking on a key topic

Scientific Blitz

Evidence-based debates on contemporary health issues

Spider Web

A learning game to map social and gender dynamics in health

Supervision Training

A participatory model

Trio Coaching

Peers solve problems

Work in Progress

Giving and receiving peer critique


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