Authors and Editors

The following students were authors for chapters in this textbook:

Micah Beckman

Colton Cnossen

Sandra Tiffany

Aikia Fricke

Jennifer Lamoreaux

Tyler Felty

Lindsey Bronold

Eden Airbets

Ainslee McVay

Katlin Hetzel

Keith Bogucki

Jenae Finney

Kassandra Weinberg

Melissa Ryba

Tracey Stevens

Troy Richard

Brian Majszak


A huge thank you goes out to the editors and mentors for this project! The editors of the chapters were:

Dr. Jessica Gladden

Professor Danette Crozier

Dr. Kathryn Woods

Dr. Janet Vizina- Roubal

Professor Michael Berghoef


An additional thank you to our Social Work librarian, Stacy Anderson, and our primary SCWK 110 professor, Elizabeth Post, for editing and putting the whole book together in the Pressbooks format.



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