So: what happens after you’ve published your work? How can you shepherd it along on its journey to readers and help it make an impact?

Create a post-publication promotion plan for your published work in which you address what tools/resources, if any, you will use to increase readership and engagement (e.g., Twitter, Mendeley,, ResearchGate, Google Scholar, an institutional repository (IR), etc.). In a 3-5 page paper (roughly 1500-2000 words), explain why and how you will use particular tools — and why you have decided not to use others. Consider criteria such as:

  • What are your promotional “goals” and how will the resources you have elected to use help you achieve those goals?
  • Which tools will you not use, and why?
  • Situate your promotion plan within the context of the two journals that you selected for your publishing plan. Under those journals’ policies, what rights do you have as an author? How will you exercise those rights?
  • Does open access factor into your plan, and if so, how?
  • How will you maximize the potential impact of – and engagement with – your publication? Will you make it (or portions of it) available – both in terms of readability and access – to people outside of the academy? If so, how?


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