Welcome to College Comp II at Rowan University! The book you are reading has been created by and for Rowan University’s First-Year Writing Program for the purpose of providing you–students in CCII–a course text that is completely free of charge because our program believes that you should not have to bear the cost of a textbook for this class.  Another aspect to this book is that it allows us, as a program, to regularly update it in order to meet the needs of our program and to better serve you as students.


The materials in this book include a combination of content that has been drafted by faculty in Rowan’s First-Year Writing Program as well as  content that has been curated from elsewhere, the latter of which all have Creative Commons licensing. You’ll note that these sections are attributed to their original authors. (For more on the importance of attribution and considering appropriate practices for attribution in a given genre, see Chapter VI of this book.)


We hope that you find this book a useful resource for this course.


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