A special word of appreciation is extended to the following role players who have contributed to the success of the Global research project and the publishing of the book:

Global Research Project Team

Dr. Helga Hambrock (Vice- President of IAmLearn, Global research project coordinator, author and editor)

Dr. Frelet de Villiers (Coordinator of data, author and co-author of Chapter 1 and 7),

Dr. Ellen Rusman (Co-designer of the Research Framework, Co-author of Chapter 1),

Dr. Kathryn MacCallum (Secretariat of IAmLearn Exco) (Researcher and Author)

Dr. Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin (Researcher and Author)


Dr. Rob Power (Assistant Professor at Cape Breton University, President of IAmLearn 2017-2019, Global research project- publication coordinator, Canada)

Dr. Helen Crompton (Associate Professor at Old Dominion University, Researcher, ISTE representative in the USA)

Dr. Lisa Law (Senior Teaching and Learning Officer, Baptist University, Hong Kong)

Additional Acknowledgements

The Global Research Project team would like to thank all instructors and universities that participated in the studies.


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