Small Group Communication: Forming & Sustaining Teams is an interdisciplinary textbook focused on communication in groups and teams. This textbook aims to provide students with theories, concepts, and skills they can put into practice to form and sustain successful groups across a variety of contexts.


  • Editor:
    • Jasmine R. Linabary, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Public and Applied Humanities at the University of Arizona. Her work explores how to design more equitable and inclusive spaces for participation. As an engaged scholar and teacher, Dr. Linabary is committed to working with communities and organizations. Dr. Linabary was most recently an assistant professor of communication at Emporia State University (ESU) and the co-founder and director of the EAT Initiative, a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to combat food insecurity on ESU’s campus and in the Emporia community. She originally designed this textbook to cover content relevant to SP 315 Small Group Communication at ESU.
  • Contributor:
    • Moon Castro is a McNair Scholar and a senior communication major at Emporia State University. His research interests include peacebuilding, social change, and emerging technology. Castro is a past winner of the Community Impact Challenge, a grant competition in which teams of students identify creative and meaningful solutions to challenges facing the campus or local community.


This open education resource (OER) project was made possible by a Class Resource Affordability Initiative Grant (CRAIG) from Emporia State University. Special thanks to Dr. Cameron Piercy for his contributions and insights. Also thanks to ESU librarian Bethanie O’Dell for her support for this project.

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Content in this textbook is adapted and remixed from a variety of open educational resources including those from OpenStax, University of Minnesota Libraries Publishing, The Noba Project, and Wikibooks, among others. Portions of this text were also adapted from Problem Solving in Teams and Groups by Piercy. Each chapter contains attribution information and has its own Creative Commons (CC) license at the end of the chapter under the heading “Author & Attribution.”

This adaptation has reformatted original text, replaced or removed some images and figures, condensed content, and combined related materials but has otherwise not significantly altered the content from the attributed sources. This textbook as a whole is made available under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license unless otherwise specified in the individual chapter.

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Linabary, J.R. (Ed.). (2021). Small group communication: Forming and sustaining teams. Pressbooks.


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