This book is meant to serve as a companion to LING 325/725 Syntax I at the University of Kansas. The ideas presented below are the direct result of a number of works including the syntax classes taught at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Los Angeles. A great debt is also owed to Andrew Carnie’s influential textbook which I have relied upon in previous versions of this class.

I am deeply indebted to the following students for creating videos for this book:

  • Andrew Collins
  • Keira Dobbs
  • Amaya Madden
  • Corey McCulloch
  • Alesha Pisciotta
  • Morgan Robertson
  • Malena Schoeni
  • Emma Scott

Particular thanks is owed to Pearl Nelson-Greene for remaking the majority of videos in this book and to Aron Finholt for proofreading the first draft. Finally, thanks as well to Drake Prebyl for extensive feedback on the first draft and for creating a tree-drawing program.


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