About the Authors

David Fingerote – M.Ed  (Leadership & Management). International Educator, administrator, curriculum designer and corporate trainer. Lived in Malaysia and Japan. LinkedIn

Satoshi Ishizaka – MBA (Helsinki School of Economics); Senior Professional in HR Certification (SPHR).  Bilingual head of HR at various multinational companies in Japan.  Currently: CEO Asian Caesars,  a business management consulting company.

Stefan Jansche – Ph.D. (Kiel University); Dip. Enterprise Leadership Program (Kellog School of Management). Over 20 years of global executive experience at SAP Japan.  Currently: Founder and CEO of Reiwa Advisors

Yuki Sakuragi – BPharm. ACC (Associate Certified Coach) International Coaching Federation.  20 years experience in multinational pharmaceutical firms. Currently: Bilingual (English-Japanese) Executive/Leadership Coach. 

Doug Strable – MALAT (Master of Arts in Learning & Technology, Royal Roads University, Canada). 20 years experience in Japan & Asia as an entrepreneur and director of operations for an international television graphics software company.  Currently: Digital Learning Consultant

Gary Vierheller – BA (Educational Psychology & Speech Communication). Over 20 years experience with government organizations in Tokyo (Mirakan – Science Museum, Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Currently: Founder and CEO of Inspir.


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