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This paper was compiled from rich dialogues created at our weekly Third Way Forum meetings during 2020-2021.  We always discuss timely topics that are suggested by the participants based on their business issues. Both causes and potential solutions, plus relevant out-of-the-box ideas, are discussed.

The goal of this document is to share knowledge of our international community, to provide different views and thought-provoking insights as food for thought to help leaders of the Japanese society increase their decision-making skills to address the challenges of an ever-changing global world.

The participants of the Third Way Forum are a good mixture of Japanese and foreign leaders, men and women, junior and senior, and corporate employees and independent consultants. The insight you find in this document is the collective voice of the weekly meeting participants, which was formed by their authentic stories, individual views, belief and experiences, and potential suggestions to internationalize the Japanese corporate world to enhance diversity, growth, and sustainability lifestyle.

The paper is structured in three parts. Part One introduces the demographic disaster Japan is now facing. Part Two provides a list of ideas Third Way Forum members feel are essential for moving to a more open, flexible and sustainable corporate structure to adapt to the challenges of a global economy. Part Three outlines solutions to consider. It is not necessary to read this paper linearly. To benefit most from what the paper offers, read in sections as you like and try out the pieces most relevant to your situation.

You may find some of the comments and suggestions unconventional or even provocative, but our intention is not to criticize or undermine Japanese practices. Our intention is solely to help the leaders of the Japanese corporate world get a wider range of ideas beyond the conventional framework by sharing our thoughts and ideas as an international professional community in Japan. As the name of our community “The Third Way Forum” indicates, our goal is to create a new hybrid corporate culture that brings together great things from both the Japanese and the Western corporate cultures and can be globally competitive and relevant for the future.

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