The following is a list of the story titles alphabetically:

2020. p. 15
A Different Kamsa. p. 137
A Knight’s Take on King Arthur. p. 102
A Long Winter. p. 16
A Rejected Proposal (I). p. 27
A Rejected Proposal (II). p. 28
A Shared Spirit. p. 48
A Short Odyssey. p. 103
A Terrible Costume. p. 30
After. p. 10
Always Apart. p. 110
Anansi the Farmer. p. 55
Black Horse of Famine. p. 90
Breaking Up. p. 24
Brer Rabbit and the Tug of War. p. 52
Carmelo Anthony. p. 32
Chang’e and the Elixir of Life. p. 113
Chitra Meets Arjuna. p. 136
Corona in 25 Words. p. 11
Creation Myth: Izanagi and Izanami. p. 107
Creation Myth: When God Spoke. p. 104
Deadly Cleansing. p. 14
Death. p. 87
Dollhouse. p. 70
Dreams. p. 23
Drummer Man and Talking Drum. p. 127
Empty Chairs. p. 22
End of Time. p. 36
Fed Up. p. 17
Fox and Raven Save Moon. p. 118
Fox in the Moon. p. 116
Freedom. p. 29
Freya’s Necklace. p. 100
Got Ya. p. 64
Greed. p. 71
Growing Up. p. 25
Halloween. p. 62
Hanuman’s Jump. p. 131
Indian Demigods Meet Percy Jackson. p. 138
Life is Like Ice. p. 37
Little Ghost Chronicles: The Lonely Little Ghost. p. 74
Little Ghost Chronicles: The New Little Ghost. p. 76
Little Ghost Chronicles: The Un-Lonely Little Ghost. p. 75
Little Ghost Chronicles: Two Ghosts. p. 77
Love Goes On, Forever. p. 20
Love. p. 26
Mahina. p. 120
Making a Tupilak. p. 81
Man in the Moon. p. 117
Monsters Under the Bed. p. 68
Mornings. p. 35
Mourn. p. 86
Mr. Lanelle. p. 66
Mr. Miacca and Misbehaving Tommy. p. 67
My Mom’s Ice Cream. p. 21
Never Knew I Died. p. 73
Nightmare in Wonderland. p. 85
No Questions Asked Please. p. 39
Oktoberfest. p. 63
Ollie and Rory: Attorneys at Paw. p. 47
Onwa. p. 124
Painting. p. 31
Pale Horse of Death. p. 91
Pleiades and Pine. p. 126
Priest and Nun. p. 78
Quarantine Life in 6 Words. p. 12
Rabbit’s Great Discovery. p. 51
Rama Rewards Hanuman. p. 133
Ramen. p. 13
Red Horse of War. p. 89
Rona-whakamau-tai, Guardian of Tides. p. 119
Rufio. p. 98
Running Dogs. p. 42
Sabzperi, The Emerald Peri. p. 97
Shade of Red. p. 69
Sloth. p. 72
Spontaneous Trips. p. 33
Starstruck. p. 125
Tears from the Moon. p. 122
Tecciztecatl. p. 115
That’s the Life: Another Perspective. p. 46
That’s the Life: One Perspective. p. 45
The Blue Jackal. p. 130
The Cursed Prince. p. 59
The Dog-Loving Dedicated Photographer. p. 43
The Driver and the Squirrel. p. 50
The Fall. p. 105
The Golden Goose. p. 54
The Greedy Squirrel and the Nut. p. 49
The Hidden Treasure. p. 44
The Hill Giant. p. 99
The House on Red Street. p. 83
The Illusion of the World. p. 134
The Jade Rabbit. p. 114
The Life of a God. p. 132
The Lion and the Woodcutter’s Daughter. p. 58
The Lonely Shepherd. p. 95
The Monk’s Rock. p. 135
The Owl. p. 56
The Peri Wife. p. 96
The Princess and the Pea. p. 94
The Same Sky. p. 38
The Story of Papik. p. 82
The Story of the Wolf-Bride. p. 79
The Sunrise and the Serpent. p. 106
The Terminal Train. p. 34
The Three Kids. p. 57
The Vampires of New Orleans. p. 80
Tortoise Bowl-On-The-Back and the Fox. p. 53
Tracked. p. 84
Trial of the Star. p. 112
Twilight. p. 123
Two-Sentence Horror. p. 65
We are Living Through the Future History Textbooks. p. 18
What of These Invisible Things?. p. 40
White Horse of Pestilence. p. 88
Why the Sun and Moon Got Divorced. p. 109
Why the Sun Rises Every Day. p. 108
Yamato’s Sacred Sword. p. 101
Yhi and Bahloo. p. 121


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