The Blue Jackal

There was once a jackal who fell into a vat of blue indigo dye. The other animals were amazed when they saw the blue jackal!

“The gods have sent me to be your ruler,” the blue jackal explained. He made the lion his prime minister, the tiger was the royal treasurer, and the elephant was his doorkeeper.

One day, though, the blue jackal heard other jackals howling in the distance. He could not resist; he began howling too.

“He’s just an ordinary jackal!” shouted the other animals.

So the lion and the tiger attacked their former king and killed him.

Blue jackals still howl like jackals.




Hanuman’s Jump

“Maybe I can do it,” Hanuman thought to himself as he heard Jambavan speak of him in such a great manner. “I will go to Lanka and there I could discover Sita, or bring Ravana back to pay for all the wrong he has done.”

Hanuman sent a prayer to the gods that they would guide his journey and send winds to carry him to Lanka.

He gathered all his might and bent his legs down in a stance ready to take the greatest leap of his life.

He felt a warmth circulating through his veins, and then … he jumped.

By: Emily Martinez



The Life of a God

Hanuman jumped for the fruit in the sky.
Now he was on this Earth as a monkey,
But served as Rama’s devotee,
Jumping across oceans and fighting Ravana.
His job was almost done,
But what would he do now?
Everyone thought about the mighty Rama,
But what about his mighty servant?
He begged Rama not to give him immortality,
But Rama insisted anyways,
And now Hanuman would live forever.
As the days went on, he grew tired of his life,
But he must serve and protect till the end.
That is Hanuman: he lived through the end of the world.

He who jumped will not die.

By: Philip Crowley



Rama Rewards Hanuman

As Rama took the throne, he could not forget Hanuman. The monkey deity had saved his brother and wife, and aided in the war effort.

For all he’d done, Rama must surely reward Hanuman.

He remembered the mountain that Hanuman had seized to bring the medicine plant back to his slain soldiers and brother. Rama decided Hanuman would become the king of the Himalayas so that he might protect him from future Rakshasas and watch over the medicine plant.

Upon hearing the news, Hanuman flew to begin his kingdom.

Time went on until one day Hanuman met his brother Bhima…

By: NR



The Illusion of the World

The world’s maya is like a magician’s magic. The magician is real; the magic is not. The illusion lasts for only a moment.

Shiva was sitting atop Mount Kailash with his bull Nandi. Suddenly, a loud shout reverberated through the air and the earth shook.

“What was that?” asked Nandi.

“Ravana is born,” replied Shiva.

A few minutes later there was more shouting and the earth quaked.

“What was that?” asked Nandi again.

“Ravana is dead,” replied Shiva, smiling.

Birth and death are like bubbles in water; the water is real, but the bubbles arising from the water appear and disappear.




The Monk’s Rock

After his brother’s death, King Rama went to the river every day and wept.

A monk also came to the river every day. Rama saw the monk fill his watering can and then pour the water over a large rock. The monk did this day after day.

“That rock isn’t a plant,” Rama told him. “It can’t grow or produce fruit. So why do you water the rock?”

“And why do you shed tears for your brother?” replied the monk.

Rama then understood that his weeping served no more purpose than watering a rock, and he set his grief aside.




Chitra Meets Arjuna

Chitra hated how her father tried to pawn her off on every man who came to their palace. The king was desperate for an heir.

The young man standing before them now bowed politely and looked away.

“Suits me fine,” thought Chitra.

Arjuna said, “Princess Chitra is more beautiful than I imagined; I would not take such a jewel away from you. But this morning I saw a lady dressed like a man. She was riding through the forest carrying a bow. I could not forget the image. Who was she?”

Chitra looked up at these words, seeing him anew.

A Thought:
Men are only for having children.

By: anon.



A Different Kamsa

Kamsa, the widely hated king, woke from his slumber to a voice calling him from the sky. It was a voice he didn’t recognize, but he could tell it was holy.

“Devaki’s eighth son brings your demise. Tread lightly.”

The son was Krishna.

Kamsa commanded his army to imprison his cousin Devaki, monitoring each birth. He slept in fear knowing a baby would dethrone him.

He was so worried that he fled and resigned as king; he didn’t want to bring pain upon his cousin by killing her child.

He was a misunderstood king, one who had compassion for others.

By: Saad Khan



Indian Demigods Meet Percy Jackson

Percy staggered through the forest until he came upon an unfamiliar sight. Appearing before him was a camp almost exactly like Camp Half-Blood.

As he entered the gates, he was met by many demigods. They introduced themselves as sons and daughters of Hindu gods, saying how excited they were to meet Poseidon’s son.

Soon the headmaster of the camp, Guru Venkaswami, approached Percy. He had asked Percy to come to the camp, so that he could join forces in their fight against the fearsome Rakshasas.

Together Percy and Rahul, son of Indra, would attempt to defeat the evil demon.

By: NR


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