Introduction – warning, book under construction

Welcome everyone!

Can you believe in a project to control excessive suffering in the world? Or would you rather let the hell continue without trying to stop it?

We, the editors of this book, are Partners for a Global Management of Suffering. We act as a group with a worldwide concern for regulating the occurrences of consciousness that we deem too unpleasant.

We are keeping this webbook up-to-date because we need to identify and coordinate what we do together.

The book attempts to summarize a wide variety of information from a wide range of sources.

Part 1: Contributions from a new discipline specialized in the study of suffering speaks about what we carry out from algoscience, a proposed discipline devoted to understanding and controlling the phenomenon of suffering.

Part 2: Contributions from various disciplines examines what several academic disciplines are providing to develop the kind of management of suffering we envision.

Part 3: Contributions from suffering-focused initiatives looks at what some contemporary endeavors dealing with suffering as a specialty are contributing to our global management.

Overall, the role of this book is to set out in detail the measures that we, as partners, are putting into practice to prevent excessive suffering systematically.

For more information, you can join us in our Google document called Making a Book.


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