Conclusion: What We Are Doing, in Brief

Last update: 2024-05-05

  • We are operating a group structure called Partners for a Global Management of Suffering, based at, as a means for us to come together and carry out our activity, which consists in regulating, on an overall level, the occurrences of consciousness that are unpleasant. Since November 25, 2023. (DOING)
  • We are continually updating a book titled Our Action Plan About Suffering, which we created to identify and coordinate what we do together. Most of the pages are still at a preparatory stage, but we are moving towards a more rounded state of completion that will enable us to better flesh out Our Plan. Since November 25, 2023. (DOING)
  • We are publishing a web page titled A Discipline Specialized in the Study of Suffering as a place where to start the development of such a new body of knowledge and let the world know that, at long last, this development has begun. Since February 7, 2024. (DOING)
  • We are attending meetings organized by International Suffering Abolitionism in order to exchange ideas and possibly find reciprocal contributions. Since December 2, 2023. (DOING)


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