1.1.      Comparing Aspects of Three Domains with Critical Competencies

1.2.      Characteristics of Ecological Constructivism

2.1.      Criteria for the Selection of Project Participants

2.2.      CARR Check Questions for Teacher Reflection

3.1.      Digital Tools for Various Purposes

5.1.      Interaction Analysis Model for Examining Social Construction of Knowledge in Computer Conferencing

5.2.      The Number of Posts, Messages, and Total Words in Asynchronous Forums

5.3.      IAM Coding Results for Asynchronous Forums

5.4.      An Example of Knowledge Co-Construction in Asynchronous Forum I

6.1.      Questionnaire Items

6.2.      Mean, Standard Deviation, and α Coefficient of Each Subscale

6.3.      Mean and Standard Deviation of Each Question

6.4.      Mean, Standard Deviation, α Coefficient of Each Subscale, and Results of Two-Way ANOVA

6.5.      Results of Spearman’s Rank Correlation Analysis


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