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A Guys’ Guide is the researched work of Clemson University Public Health Science upper-class undergraduate students in the course HLTH 3200 Maintenance of Men’s Health.  The goal of this course project was to meet the course learning objectives while creating a public resource for young men.  Each student selected a topic intending to promote healthy lifestyle choices for disease prevention.

This book is accessible to anyone to help learn about the challenges that men face.  All chapters were researched using only reliable sources and cited in APA format. Each student selected their topic, created review questions, and a summary infographic.  All of the students are first-time authors with little to no experience in publishing a piece of work, and throughout this class, students learned about the details of the publication process, how to find images and videos that are available to be used for a published piece of work, and how to design and edit a book.

The HTLH 3200 students found this nontraditional class method to be rewarding and a refreshing alternative to traditional lecture-based formats. Enjoy their work and share with friends and family to help lessen the stigmas associated with men seeking healthcare advice.

Thank you for your time,


Becky Tugman, MS, CHES
Lecturer, Public Health Sciences

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