Body Conditions that Concern Men

This section takes a deeper look into body conditions that affect men on a daily basis.

Arthritis is the first chapter of the section, and it looks at an overview of arthritis specifically in men. Arthritis is a disease that involves painful swelling and stiffness in the joints of the body. Risk factors include obesity, aging, and injury to the joint, but there is no real way to prevent arthritis.

Abdominal Obesity shows how fat distribution is different in men than women, and how it may create problems for men. Abdominal obesity is linked to many different conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. Therefore, it is important to inform all readers about this problem in men and how one can prevent it.

Autism in Boys covers the differences in autism in males versus females, and the challenges that parents must deal with for their children. Increasing awareness of autism can help to reduce the stigma and improve quality of life for people with autism.

Color Blindness provides an outlook on the causes of color blindness and the stigma it holds in different countries. It also looks at how it may affect a person’s job or occupation. It is important to recognize that the United States defines color blindness as a disability, and awareness of color blindness needs to be addressed.

Hormones looks at the how certain hormones affect the male body. Although most everybody knows about testosterone, there are many other hormones that can affect males daily. There is importance in knowing what effect testosterone may have men and what signs to look for with high or low testosterone levels.

Male Hair Loss takes a dive deeper into why men lose their hair and how it can be prevented or slowed down. It is important for men to learn more about hair loss because it can affect their mental health as well. They may have less confidence as they find themself less attractive or appealing, so learning about male hair loss is essential for men.

Male Infertility is a crucial chapter informing men about the risks and procedures dealing with male infertility. The causes of male infertility can be physiological or biological, so it is necessary to know the latest information about male infertility.

Metabolism and Health covers the ways that the body uses energy to perform daily tasks. Men and women differ in the way they use energy, which may affect weight loss and gain. This chapter also highlights how one can improve their metabolism and prevent diseases like obesity and heart disease.

Testicular Torsion supplies a fresh look at a condition that is slightly uncommon in men, but could be devastating if not informed. If left untreated, testicular torsion can result in surgery to remove a testicle. Therefore, it is vital for men to be educated about this condition to prevent injury in the future.


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