Genetic and Chronic Conditions

This section explores four genetic and chronic conditions that commonly affect men. Genetic conditions covers any inherited medical conditions caused by a DNA abnormality. Chronic disease may be defined as medical conditions that last more than one year and require routine medical care. Chronic and genetic conditions may limit a person’s ability to complete regular activities of daily living.

The first chapter covers the effects of healthy and unhealthy levels of cholesterol. This chapter also describes risk factors, how cholesterol levels are diagnosed, how to prevent high levels of cholesterol, and when one should seek help from a physician.

The second chapter will describe the condition of high blood pressure,  which is when the pressure of blood along blood vessel walls is dangerous, along with prevention and treatments that are available.

Parkinson’s disease, which is a disease that causes neuron breakdown, its risk factors, signs and symptoms, and its treatments will be shared in this chapter.

Finally, this section is closed out with a summary of type 2 diabetes that consists of risk factors, signs, how it affects men specifically, along with important prevention information.


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