Thanks to These Patchbook Patchers

Fleming College

  • Terry Greene
  • Kari Draker-Fortis
  • Mary Overholt
  • Jodie Black
  • Jennifer Ramsdale
  • Tony Tilly
  • George Fogarasi
  • Helen Bajorek-MacDonald
  • Susan Hyndman
  • Katrina Van Osch Saxon
  • Ryan Hill
  • Tom Mikel
  • Joanna Hodge
  • Laura Gibson
  • Alana Callan
  • Maxine Mann

American University in Cairo

  • Maha Bali
  • Hoda Mostafa
  • Sherif Osman
  • Azzah Awwad

Fitchburgh State University in Massachusetts

  • Kisha G. Tracy

Capital University in Columbus, Ohio

  • Autumm Caines (who has written the first patch for the future professional learning patchbook)


  • Jenni Hayman

Lakehead University, Ontario

  • Helen DeWaard

Tusculum College, Tennessee

  • Chuck Pearson

Cambrian College, Ontario

  • Jessica O’Reilly

“Flowers” flickr photo by oatsy40 shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license


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