Fleming College¬†faculty and our peers around the world¬†are building a community patchwork of ‘chapters’ into a quasi-textbook about pedagogy for teaching & learning in higher education. Each patch of the quilt/chapter of the book¬†focuses on one¬†pedagogical skill and is completed and published by different individual faculty members from any institution wanting to join in.


We began our search for pedagogical skills to cover with the University of Michigan’s High Leverage Practices, but the scope of the patchwork did not and does not end there. It is dictated by those who want to contribute. We want to tell the stories of our¬†own favorite teaching and learning moves.

The faculty member who authors a chapter offers their take on it. They describe their learners and learning environment and how they deploy or use the skill in that space. It includes instruction on how to use the skill situated in a real example. You are free to agree or disagree with the tips offered or reasoning behind them.

Like the awesome 90’s street wear company FUBU (For Us, By Us), this patchwork is for faculty, by faculty. This is the first iteration of the Patchbook, focused mostly on classroom teaching itself rather than designing learning or learning for ourselves. We dip our toes in course design, digital pedagogy and professional learning here but future versions planned will focus more deeply on those areas. By sharing our teaching, we hope to avoid us all having to climb this mountain separately. We can give each other a lift part ways up at least, so that there is less lonely climbing.

We hope you enjoy the book.¬†We also hope you’d like to contribute a patch yourself some day! If you do, email LDSTeam@flemingcollege.ca with the subject heading “I’m awesome and I want to add a Patch”.


Feature Photo credit: ‚Äú9 patch‚ÄĚ flickr photo by cyndygysbers ¬†https://flickr.com/photos/43503341@N07/7678894674¬†shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

Patch badge created by Luke Despatie, Graphic Designer for Fleming College.

You’ll also see illustrations of all the Patchbook contributors all over the place. These wonderful creations were all created by Samantha Pitcher of Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

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