What Needs to Be Done?

A task is a piece of work that needs to be done.

In transparent design, this is more than just a singular action item encompassing all steps from start to end. Transparent design breaks down a task into each step in the process. It also includes common mistakes or pitfalls.

By including each part of the process, you set the student up for success because they know exactly what needs to be done and in what order.

Think about the following as you are training/retraining a task:

  • What activity should the student perform or do?
  • List all steps, guidelines or a recommended sequence
  • Get more granular than feels natural. Think out all the parts of the process. List them in order (especially if that order matters).
  • Does your description of the task:
    • Identify the very first thing students should do when they begin?
    • The very next thing they should do?
    • The next, etc.

Students shouldn’t need to question if they are doing it right. They should be able to rely on the idea that if they complete each step in the task that the end result will be success. This builds confidence in themselves, the work they do and in your reliability as a supervisor.


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