Supplementary Materials Orientation

Students were given all of the listed documents. Worksheets required students to use the app to figure out vocabulary. Students could then use the worksheets or app to support their vocabulary needs. The support materials were created to enable learners to complete specific tasks rather than support their general knowledge of English.


The MMA worksheet was the first given to students and accompanied a presentation one of the teachers gave on mixed-martial arts to model teacher expectations for the course project. This worksheet required the least effort for students to complete and was given to them to acclimatize students to using the app.

The PPT worksheet was the second one they received. It requires more work of them but reinforces the names of features they were expected to use for their course project. This project required them to prepare a presentation using PowerPoint slides.

The final worksheet was the one dedicated to learning terminology about mobile apps and the mobile application they were using. This one required students to do the most work, but it reinforced the names of features from other technologies (e.g., Microsoft Word) that they would be using to complete assignments. It also aimed to support their communication with respect to using these types of technology.

Support Materials

Students were given a paper version of VocabNomadInstructions file on the first day of class. This was given to them at the same time as the application. A demonstration of the application and its features were also given during the first class.

The discussionSupportPhrases file was given to students to remind them of content they had learned in a previous course. They received this handout around the middle of the term. The content of this document was also distributed through the mobile app, but the paper version made it easier for students to quickly scan and remind themselves of the materials.

Download MS Word Versions of Support Files


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