Ch 3: Resourceful Instructors & Students


Carrie Demmans Epp1 (, Krystle Phirangee 2 (, Antoine Després-Bedward3  (, Lingzi Wang (

  1. University of Pittsburgh, University of Alberta
  2. Ryerson University
  3. University of Toronto


Instructors face many challenges when trying to integrate mobile technologies within a classroom setting in a way that supports curricular and pedagogical goals. In many cases, mobile tools are being used to support learning outside the classroom rather than being tightly integrated with the curriculum. To better support the integration of mobile-learning practices, we explored the experiences of innovative instructors and students from a variety of cultural and learning contexts. The experiences of these 51 innovators provide insight into the challenges that are common to mobile learning. Their experiences also provide insight into how these challenges can be overcome, providing examples that others can follow when using mobile-learning approaches.


Mobile learning, cross-cultural, smartphones, barriers, mitigation strategies


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