Producing this textbook would not have been possible on my own. I am deeply grateful to Tanya Gheen, who skillfully served as copyeditor and layout designer, and Karen Arnesen who also served as copyeditor. Their skill in editing, as well as understanding of the field, gave valuable insights that I heeded in making many editorial decisions. Joshua Hveem and Jiahui Zhang also provided valuable assistance with formatting chapters, reproducing visual elements, and adding extra material to enhance the text of each chapter.

I am also grateful to the authors of the chapters, particularly those who authored new chapters for this book, because without quality content, there could have been no book.

Finally, I acknowledge the wonderful contribution of students in the Brigham Young University Instructional Psychology and Technology program who contributed author biographies, graphical elements, and other additions to the book. In particular, credit for the design of the book cover goes to Jon Thomas.


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