8.0 Chapter introduction

Creating a research question is an iterative process, one version after another. In the preceding chapters, you started with an initial question and refined it as you learned more about the topic you’re studying. In this chapter, you will finalize your research question, making sure that is it empirical, correctly structured, and feasible to answer. Once this process is completed, you’ll be ready to start answering your question.

Chapter Outline

  • 8.1 Ethical versus empirical questions
  • 8.2 Writing a good research question
  • 8.3 Quantitative research questions
  • 8.4 Qualitative research questions
  • 8.5 Feasibility and importance
  • 8.6 Matching question and design

Content Advisory

This chapter discusses or mentions the following topics: suicide and depression, heterosexism, sexual assault, homelessness, foster care, the criminal justice system, and self-harm.


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