Version Information

In March 2019, two changes were made to the textbook.

  • Image in 9.3 from Abery & Stancliffe was removed and the text was replaced with a different explanation for typology due to concerns about fair use of that image.  It will also be removed from print, PDF, and e-reader editions printed after May 2019.
  • Front matter was updated to indicate how to adapt the textbook using Pressbooks XML.  Pressbooks XML was also added as a download option in the front matter.

In January 2019, a set of small revisions to this textbook were made from the original version published in August 2018.  They include the following:

  • New cover art
  • Small textual changes, including grammar and proofing errors noted by students
  • Changed theme to McLuhan
  • Changed headings to Heading 1
  • Resized images to fit better on print PDF
  • Took out “chapter” from chapter titles for simplicity in navigation
  • Clarifying revisions to framing in Chapter 1
  • Created a print edition on Amazon
  • Revised and updated ancillary materials
  • Deleted preface from front matter


Future changes will be noted here.  The next edition of this book is planned for Summer 2020.


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