9.0 Chapter introduction

This chapter is mainly focused on quantitative research methods, as the level of specificity required to begin quantitative research is far greater than that of qualitative research. In quantitative research, you must specify how you define and plan to measure each concept before you can interact with your participants. Qualitative research does not reach the level of specificity and clarity required for quantitative research because your participants are the experts and definitions will emerge from how participants respond to your questions. For this reason, we will focus mostly on quantitative measurement and conceptualization in this chapter, with subsections addressing qualitative research.

Chapter Outline

  • 9.1 Measurement
  • 9.2 Conceptualization
  • 9.3 Operationalization
  • 9.4 Measurement quality
  • 9.5 Complexities in quantitative measurement

Content Advisory

This chapter discusses or mentions the following topics: mental health diagnoses and depression, masculinity, suicide, juvenile delinquency and the criminal justice system, substance abuse, and shooting guns.


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