Using Google to find Sources


10 Google Quick Tips

We all know how to Google…but we may not be getting as much out of it as we’d like. The following video walks through ten easy tips for getting you closer to what you’re looking for

Credit: “How To Google Like A Pro! Top 10 Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020” by Epictutorials License: All Rights Reserved. License Terms: Standard YouTube License.

Getting More Out of Google

The following graphic includes visual representations of additional online search tips.

Infographic on how to get more out of google. It explains search tips mentioned previously, such as using quotation marks to narrow a search, using keyboard shortcuts like ctrl+F to search, zooming in, using google to define words, as a calculator, and a unit converter.
Figure 5.2 Helpful Google features. (Credit: “Get More Out of Google” by Bret Jordan according to CC BY 2.0.)



Adapted from Lumen Learning’s “Level Up Your Google Game” from English Composition II used according to  CC BY 4.0.



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