Tyler Mandel

Bodyweight is a complex issue.  People can range from extremely underweight to extremely obese.  No one factor determines a person’s weight.  Weight issues can develop from malnutrition, an eating disorder, a mental illness, a physical illness, a hormone malfunction, societal obstacles,  cultural norms, or genetics.  This book examines several of these factors in more detail. Through this book, the reader will gain a greater understanding of the complex issues surrounding bodyweight. With this knowledge, it is hoped that the reader will be more aware of the reasons people experience weight problems, and he or she will learn how to help others. This will contribute to creating a more understanding environment, which will eliminate social stigmas and make people more comfortable in reaching out for help.

Each author has created a summary infographic to remind the reader of important points from the chapter.  The infographic below demonstrates that there are many factors that contribute to weight, it is not just food and exercise habits.




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