Interpersonal Issues – Relationships and their Effects on Weight

Interpersonal factors involve relationships between people, and how those relationships affect a person’s behavior and mindset. This section of the book explores the impact of particular interpersonal factors on weight, obesity, and eating disorders. The influence of parental and peer relationships on children, two examples of interpersonal relationships, ¬†are discussed in this chapter.

The two chapters in this section both focus on the relationship between parents and their children and how parents influence weight issues in their children. The first chapter, “Obesity and Pregnancy,” discusses the impacts of maternal obesity during pregnancy on the child. It provides advice to mothers on how to reduce their risk of maternal obesity, which reduces the risk of adverse health effects that can negatively impact their children in the future. The following chapter, “Interpersonal Relationship Effects on Eating Disorders in Children,” discusses the parenting styles and behaviors exhibited by parents and how they impact children. This chapter also provides advice on how parents can limit the risks of their children developing eating disorders.

Within “Interpersonal Relationship Effects on Eating Disorders in Children,” it also discusses how peer influences can influence the onset of eating disorders in children. One of the major factors in causing eating disorders is bullying. The chapter provides information on bullying and other causes of eating disorders, and it provides advice on how to combat such problems to reduce the prevalence of eating disorders in children.



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