Ecological Model and Overview of Weight Issues

This section of the book provides brief introductory chapters to introduce important aspects of bodyweight. “The Ecological Model” chapter explains the basis of this book’s organization. The ecological model is split into levels of intrapersonal, interpersonal, community, institutional, and policy. Every level progresses from smaller to larger in the scope while analyzing the specific topics with different perspectives. The intrapersonal level discusses the individual characteristics of a person, while the interpersonal level involves the relationships of an individual with others. The community level includes neighborhoods, local businesses, the built environment, and the infrastructure in the area. The institutional level is made up of the social structures that affect designated groups with particular guidelines, such as schools and the government. Lastly, the policy level includes the laws that govern society’s actions.

Food and Calories” will provide information about what a calorie actually is, and will emphasize the importance of certain types of foods and the roles they play in fueling the body. It goes on to explain how many and what type of calories a person should be consuming in a day. Helpful strategies are suggested about foods that provide healthier calories, allowing individuals to manage their weight more effectively.

The “Bodyweight Set Point Theory” chapter discusses one of the biggest and most important theories that is researched when trying to understand issues surrounding weight. This chapter provides information about how the set point theory contributes to an individual’s body weight, how the set point is determined, and how one can change their body’s set point.

Reading this section sets the stage for the rest of the book by introducing some of the most important foundational topics one must understand before diving deeper into the topic of bodyweight.



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