MEGWETCH! Thank you!

Thank you! MEGWETCH!

Thanks to my friends Stuart, Pat and Mike for their comments and support, after reading an early draft.

“The future of humanity depends on us learning to live with the world of spirit in the same way that we live with the physical world here on earth.” —Rudolf Steiner

“Unresolved past is destiny; it repeats.”
— Thomas Hübl


Thanks to Alan Watt, Messiah in our Midst

2021:  This video on YouTube: carried the very sad news that Alan died on March 4, 2021.

My deepest sympathies go to his family.  The world lost a man who brought so much enlightenment to those who cared to listen. Alan Watt: a common name, not to be confused with Alan Watts.  You’ve probably never heard of him, but let me introduce him.  Alan is a Canadian Scotsman living near Ontario in Canada.  Alan’s talks will tell you why the world is the way it is, and don’t dare call him a conspiracy theorist.

All I ask is that you look him up on You Tube.  He produced a free talk once a week (for years).  Give it ten minutes and your life will never be the same again.   Anyway go to You Tube, search for Alan Watt and be prepared to have years of niggling doubt about the structure of society washed away in hard-hitting, factual broadcasts that will change your way of thinking forever.  Go on, all you’ve got to lose is your insanity.

ABOUT HIS DEATH: Alan Watt—May Your God or Your Gods go with You”…

Where he lived: 591 Elbow Ridge Rd.  Sudbury, ON,  P3E 4N1, Canada


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Like Alan Watts told us:  Powerful men keep important information away from you.  But they have one deadly weakness:  An active public who seeks TRUTH.  The Elites think you won’t want to learn about the Federal Reserve or the Bilderberger group or them or any real history.  Beat the System by learning and teaching others.  The truth is right at your fingertips. 


WATCH ANOTHER DOCUMENTARY – Awake in the Dream 2009 Documentary made by Independent Norseman Film (CTTM’s Cut) now available. Click here for the page with the download link.


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