MANY PEOPLE provided relevant information and useful comments for this book. I list them in a chapter-wise manner.

Chapter 2: Elizabeth Jones, Shiraz Ramji

Chapters 3 & 6: Noorally Jiwaji, Clifford DaCosta

Chapter 4: Abdul Sheriff, Fatma Alloo

Chapter 5 & Appendix B: George Hadjivayanis, Jenerali Ulimwengu, Iqbal Dewji, Andrew  Lyall, Joe Shengena, Peter Lawrence, Patricia Rodney, JL Kanywanyi, Marjorie Mbilinyi, Saida Othman, Ramesh Chauhan and Hon. Pius Msekwa

Chapter 8: Khalid Kachenje

Others who assisted me are:

Research, Interview & Typing: Yusuf Ahmad, Farida Hirji

Typing, Checking Typographic Errors, Communication & General Support: Farida Hirji

Comments & Editing: Peter Lawrence

Organization of Records, Detailed Comments, Formatting, Editing, Communication & Copy Editing : Rosa Hirji

General Support: Firoze Manji

All of them have my profound gratitude.


The Travails of a Tanzanian Teacher Copyright © 2018 by Karim Hirji. All Rights Reserved.

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